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We are a value for value production

While we have some monetisation from YouTube, that can be taken away at any moment. One “honest comment” from a real person we talk to, could see the entire stream or channel demonetised. We do not have any advertisers as we don’t want anyone telling us what we can or can not say.

The safest, and most honest way, to support what we do, is value for value. You receive some value for what you see, from the conversations we bring you, you give something back that you consider fair. It may be monetary, it may be sharing our content with your friends, with like minded souls, or even with people you disagree with, it may be time spent researching and analysing the topics we cover on our show, or it may be simply spreading the love. You decide. It’s all here for you to decide what it’s worth to you.

Producer Credits

While it is all available to you up front, we have real costs and a significant outlay to gather and put this content together for you, this is why we offer real producer credits for financial contributions to your show. These credits are tiered as follows:

When you donate any amount, less than $33, keep track of it. You will be eligible for producer credits once you reach a certain thresholds as outlined below.

When you donate any single donation amount over $33 you are eligible to receive a Production Assistant credit.

When you donate any single donation amount over $200 you are eligible to receive an Associate Executive Producer credit.

When you donate any single donation amount over $333 you are eligible to receive a Co-Executive Producer credit.

When you donate any single donation amount over $500 you are eligible to receive an Executive Producer credit.

For those of you who can not afford such an amount up front, if you accumulate a total contribution amount of $200, $333, or $500 in as many payments as it takes, you will also receive an appropriate credit for the total amount you have donated to date.

When you make either a single donation, or accumulate donations over $1000, you will receive the coveted Producer credit. This is the most senior ranking producer in a production, and is usually the person who, should the production receive an industry award, accepts the award on behalf of the team. Your name, will be top of the credits in the title at start and top of the credits at the end of all productions recorded that week.

There are special rewards, membersips and credits for earning multiple Producer credits that are detailed on this page

These are real producer credits for a real hollywood media production. You can use them on your resume, your business card, on your LinkedIn, or other social media profile, even to join a producers guild. Your name will be listed in the credits, and on IMDB, and should anyone ask, we will be happy to vouch for you. If you wish to remain anonymous for whatever reason, please let us know and we will use whatever name you wish, or simply call you the anonymous producer.

The Value Exchange

If you are not in a position to support us financially, that’s OK There are many other ways to help out. This is a value exchange, we need help with analysis of topics we cover, we may need help with editing, artwork, the website, moderation, music and jingles and simply with spreading the love. These contributions will not go unrewarded, and credit will go where credit is due.

This is Value for Value: You decide what this is worth to you.

Shout out to the father of podcasting Adam Curry and the No Agenda Show for pioneering this mode. The No Agenda podcast changed my life.

If you haven’t done so already, send an email to news at tvlove dot org. We will never give out your information, nor is the information stored on a publicly accessible server.

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